Ulnar (pinkie) sided wrist pain caused by TFCC (Triangular Fibro-Cartilage Complex) injuries are challenging to treat.

Surgery often yields disappointing results and extended recovery times; thick, hard, uncomfortable braces turn sports and everyday tasks into painful obstacles.

Wendy Medeiros, OTR, CHT. Wendy’s nearly 25 years experience as an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist has given her great insight into this injury.

Historically diagnosis imaging is by an arthrogram.  This test involves injecting a dye into the wrist and imaging to determine if the dye leaks into the joint.

This is an invasive and expensive study so most physicians order an MRI first.  MRI’s are helpful but not always accurate.

After opening her practice in 2000, Wendy noticed an increase in TFCC injuries and realized that there wasn’t an easy, accurate, and 100% reliable test to determine this specific injury.

This difficulty in accurately diagnosing a TFCC tear inspired Wendy to create an objective and reliable test that anyone can perform at home using an inexpensive non-digital scale (It cannot be performed on a digital scale). She developed the Weight Bearing Test. It is now used by orthopedic specialists and physical therapists as THE gold-standard to diagnose this difficult injury. It is a priceless tool to assess the wrist.

It is the single most effective way to determine TFCC tears.

Follow instructions to perform the Weight Bearing Test and diagnose your TFCC injury

Don't like videos?  Here are the step by step instructions:

Use a NON-digital scale (available for less than $5 USD, OR perform the test in the store)

1. Test on the unaffected (GOOD) wrist first

2. Test the affected (HURT) wrist – slowly
Stop at the edge of pain – any pain!

Wrap 2 pieces of 1/2″ non-elastic tape around the wrist (watch video for important instructions. You can skip directly to: 39)

3. RETEST with the injured taped wrist

If you have a TFCC injury there should be an immediate increase in weight-bearing ability, and your pain should be greatly relieved.

Record your results: Download Weight Bearing Test Log to measure your progress. 


If you did NOT notice a big difference in the amount of weight you can bear with and without tape, or there is not a marked difference between the two wrists, then you probably do NOT have a TFCC injury and the WristWidget® won't aid in healing.

However, if you noticed a significant difference after taping your wrist as instructed you have a TFCC tear are a candidate for the WristWidget which will allow the TFCC to completely heal itself without surgery.

An injured wrist result of 20-45# indicates a severe injury. 
An injured wrist result of 45-65# indicates a moderate injury. 
An injured wrist result of 65#+ indicates a mild injury. 

Why the WristWidget® works on TFCC tears:

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